This project was done in the second semester of my second year, and as I was going both to New York and Shanghai during this time I decided to do my project around this. “Phones” is a study of the relationship between the individual and the surroundings.

Before I left for New York I did a lot of research on other street photographers, like Alain Delorme, Vivian Mayer and Wu Hao, and tried out some ideas in Southampton and London. But it was not until I got back from New York and looked through all the work I had made that I really realized what I had been focusing on, and what I needed to get from my trip to Shanghai.

This project has turned out to be a kind of study of people, usually when they are waiting for something, of course some of them are just answering a text or taking a picture with their phone. But I am especially interested in how people act when they are waiting, and I have been curious about this for a while, and have been wondering about what I do when I wait and tried to not pull of my phone and “hide” in it, but study other people instead. This brings to mind the relationship between my project and anthropology. And I looked at the book Traffic in Culture, Refiguring Art and Anthropology edited by George E. Marcus and Fred R. Myers. Where they write about how art now occupies a space long associated with anthropology and has become one of the most important areas for tracking, representing and performing the effects of difference in contemporary life. They also describe ethnography as a research process where the anthropologists observes, records, and engage in the daily life of another culture. And I feel that this is what I have been doing with my project. Studying other people is a very interesting thing to do, and would definitively like to keep the project going.

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