Inga Skålnes was born in 1988. She received her Bachelor Degree in Photography from Southampton Solent University, 2012 and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (KiT/NTNU) in 2016.

She works with photography, moving image and sound. A particular place or society is often the starting point for her projects, and through extensive research and fieldwork she produces work that lands somewhere between rough documentary and a more aesthetic photographic style, a genre called aesthetic journalism. Her current project has a certain political aspect while at the same time it investigates connections between identity and place, urban and rural and our relationship to time.

In 2017 Skålnes started the project Slå På Kunst together with Carlos A Correia.

Inga currently lives and works in Trondheim.





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