This project has been inspired by photographers like Nan Goldin, Martina Mullaney, Colin Gray, Gareth McConnel, Liz Hingley, Dinu Li and Corrine Day, and I have also been influenced by how we appear in social media these days with maybe hundreds of pictures of ourselves available to our contacts. I have made an extensive portrait of my housemate Feirus. The final series consists of 6 images taken of her during the last few months and it is a documentation both of her being more and more at ease in front of the camera and of me getting to know her better. I have also tried to document the different roles she has, and have found myself preferring the images were she looks calm and relaxed although she is quite an energetic girl.


My style of photography has been a loose, casual type of documentary, a lot like Goldin and Days work, and I have prioritised everyday scenes and ordinary activities before special occasions, basically just letting the camera be a part of our relationship. Some of the images I have chosen are a bit grainy, and the lighting are poorly on some of them, but these “flaws” underlines the everyday feel of the series. I have used three different sizes and printed on adhesive, glossy vinyl and stuck it right on to the wall. By doing this I am hoping that the viewer will see a ‘wall of images’ rather than images on a wall.


The art of the everyday is not something new, it has been around for a good while and the painter Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin is a good example of this, with painting like “Lady Taking Tea” (1735) and “The Cellar Boy” (1738). Although we know that these paintings are far from snapshots and weren’t exactly used as profile pictures they are proof that also the mundane can be interesting. And like deBotton states in Status Anxiety; “the great artist of everyday life may help us to correct a range of snobbish conceptions of what there is to esteem and honour in the world” (p. 150-151, 2004). With this project I have learned to appreciate those short, fluent moments.

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